Piedmont Membership
Come be a part of our Piedmont community and enjoy our newly renovated pool!

Piedmont Recreation Association welcomes individuals and families to consider joining our Association. PRA offers two types of Membership: Membership Share and Temporary Membership.


2023 PRA Invoice Invoice Annual Dues Notice Available Now

Forms for New Members or to Update Existing Member Information (for members with minors under 18) Available HERE



Membership Share – One-time fee of $400 plus Annual Dues
Along with having full use of the facilities and programs of the Association, Members of the Piedmont Recreation Association may attend meetings of the Association, vote on issues before the Association, and can serve on the Board of Directors. Members are required to pay Annual Dues every year.

Email our Membership chair if you are interested in purchasing a Membership Share. PRA may have Memberships available for sale from current owners wishing to sell. Once these are sold, anyone interested in a Membership Share may purchase it from the Association directly.

Temporary Membership –

Ideal for military individuals/families and those interested in trying out PRA, this Membership offers use of facilities and programs for a single summer season. After having a Temporary Membership, you are required to purchase a Membership Share if you wish to remain with the Association.

To become a Temporary Member, create an account and submit your payment online at that time or by check to the address below Temporary Member Dues:  $565 (Family), $465 (Senior), or $365 (Individual)

Piedmont Recreation Association
509 Homewood Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801

2023 Membership Special

PRA Member share $200

Plus regular yearly dues

Valid March 1st – March 31st, 2023

and only after all membership shares on the sell list are sold.


Current Membership

Annual dues are as follows:

Family Dues – $515
Senior Dues – $415
Individual Dues – $315

Due on or before April 1st 2023 , with a late fee of $100.


Selling Your Membership

If you wish to sell or transfer your membership, you must be in good standing.

A Member of PRA may sell (transfer) their Membership Shares to someone else. The cost of the membership is decided by the seller and buyer. The Board of Directors must approve the transfer and a transfer fee of $100 must be paid by the new Member to PRA.

Transfer/Sale of Membership Form

PRA By-laws

Current Bylaws